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8 Ways Volunteering Helps Volunteers

Volunteering This is a guest post by Karl E. Burgher.

Typically when we think of volunteering we think of doing for others. This altruism usually dominates the discussion: giving back, serving, making a contribution outside of ourselves. We tell volunteers, “That is nice” and “Way to go” as we give back to those in need.

What we might not know and what we all need to know is that volunteering provides the volunteer with many benefits that help us to help ourselves. This happens in many direct, and sometimes not so direct, ways. Volunteering discusses the following 8 ways volunteering can help you help yourself. (more…)

Top 10 ways to become a better volunteer

Volunteering This is a guest post by Bookboon author Karl E. Burgher

We volunteer to serve, we volunteer to have purpose, but we seldom study how to do this well. Volunteering helps us to help ourselves and others. (more…)

New eBooks and textbooks online

Freshly released eBooks are online – for both students and business professionals. Below you will find a selection of these newcomers. Our authors cover business topics such as networking and personal development as well as study fields like physics, IT, economics and engineering. You can be sure that there is something for everyone.

Download these titles and let us know what you think. We hope you will find these titles helpful.

Happy reading! (more…)

4 free textbooks for economics and finance students

Our textbook authors have been busy publishing new free textbooks for university students. This week we welcomed many new books for economics and finance students to our collection. Below you can find 4 selected titles. Check them out or visit our website for further free student textbooks.

Share these books with your friends and good luck with your studies!


Banking: An Introduction

This book presents an introduction to private sector banking (as opposed to central banking). Banks act as intermediaries between all four sectors of the economy and all other financial intermediaries. They are also at the very centre of the money market, the market for short-term debt and deposits, marketable and non-marketable, and the interbank markets. Download this book and learn more about banks as the centre of the financial system.  (more…)

4 new eBooks about career, teamwork, social media and more

On you can find freshly released business and personal development books to download. No matter whether you are interested in career, personal development, teamwork or marketing topics, we have something for everyone. Check out our recent newcomers and expand your business knowledge.


Goal Setting for Success

Most people spend at least a little time daydreaming about their goals – fantasy jobs, lifestyles and scenarios – at one point or another. For most people, though, this is where it stops. Most people won’t actually do anything to really investigate, analyse and understand their goals and to make plans to achieve them. If you’ve downloaded this e-book, then it’s pretty safe to say that you want to set yourself some life and career goals … and you want to do so in a way that goes well beyond what most other people do. In essence, the principles of goal setting – and the ones we’ll work though in this book – are pretty simple: define your goals, make a plan to achieve them, follow the plan. (more…)

4 new free eBooks for students and business professionals

Our authors have been busy publishing new relevant titles. Our newcomers cover topics such as business models, project management, Assessment Centres and pollution.

There is a lot to discover. Just download and read these new free eBooks.

Enjoy the read!


4 new powerful books

While some of you are enjoying their summer break, our authors have been hard at work finishing new exciting books. Show them your support by downloading their texts – you are also welcome to review them!

These newcomers couldn’t be more different. They range from the evolution of science to calculus, assertiveness and information security. They are all written by professors and experts in their fields of expertise.

If one of these titles tickles your or your friends’ fancy, then don’t hesitate and download them for free.

We know you will enjoy the read!


The Evolution of Modern Science
This unique textbook outlines the story of science from Aristotle to the present. It shows the evolution of modern science in a historical and political context. Seize the opportunity and gain a wide understanding of science.


Mastering the Power of Assertive Dialogue
This powerful book can help you strip away fears, self-doubts and negative conditioning and liberate the self-assured and natural leader within you. Go for it!


Why these new free eBooks are for you

We just published some new titles for students and business professionals. Take a look inside and find out if these could be helpful for you, your colleagues and friends. The topics ranch from engineering to career and communication skills. There are more newcomers available on our website. All of our books can be downloaded for free. What are you waiting for?!
We hope our books help you both with your studies and job.


Control Engineering Problems with Solutions
This free textbook covers many aspects of control engineering and the use of Matlab. Get some free help with your studies.


Careering Ahead – Getting by, getting on or getting ahead?
How do you take control of your career? This eBook provides you with tips, advice and stories to help you find success in your career. It will help you to start Careering Ahead!


Download new free business titles! Just do it!

Are you looking for free business titles to widen your knowledge? Then you have definitely come to the right place! Below you can find 4 of our most recent newcomers about emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, empowering leadership and construction management.

And the best thing about them: You can download them for free!

Take a look inside!

Emotional Intelligence Secrets
Would you like to learn how to raise your self-awareness, build lasting relationships or enhance your public image? Then this free eBook is for you. Download it now and bring your EI to a new level!

Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs
This book aims to help you improve the way you relate to others in order to cultivate a reputation as a reliable partner, trustworthy boss, or credible business professional. Take the chance to master your interpersonal skills!


Why you shouldn’t miss these 3 new free eBooks

Would you like to be more assertive, get things done and become a persuasive leader? Then these 3 eBooks are for you.

Download our recent newcomers and develop yourself. You can find further help with your personal development on our website. But to start with, why not pick one of the books below? Start today! Good luck!

Your Assertive Development Journey
This eBook offers an innovative and distinctive look at assertiveness by taking you on an inspirational journey of self-discovery. A must-read for everybody who is looking for a more assertive self!

High-impact interpersonal skills – How to be a persuasive leader
Become a better leader by honing high-impact inter-personal skills such as: influencing; persuading; delegating; coaching; praising and more. This free eBook can show you how!