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3 Key Principals of Project Executing Processes


Writing your plan is a major part of achieving your goals, but it is only through executing of the actual processes that you can assess how close you are to target and what adjustments need to be made. Those changes may be required when you compare the original planned process with monitoring what happens in reality. By testing and accepting the procedures that work best for your project, it is far easier to see how your project team can best manage the operation.  (more…)

Essential Secrets to Ensure Project Planning Is Ongoing


Despite all the best project management processes in the world, projects can go wrong. Sometimes, projects are prepared too far ahead, planning is incomplete or estimates are too far away from reality. This is why projects may be treated as an ongoing planning process and refined with accurate data until the job is complete and then reviewed.  (more…)

New Video on YouTube: Project Management

New video on YouTube! New video on YouTube!

Project management is the discipline to design and/or produce a unique product or service that has a fixed start and end date. It is initiated, planned, executed, and controlled to achieve set goals and meet success criteria. Project management is usually different to business as usual. Therefore, such projects require the development of distinct skills and management strategies.

Are you struggling to apply your knowledge, skills, and tools to meet the project requirements? Here is help! This video shows a selection of 3 business books with a focus on project management. (more…)

Excel: Printing With Headings and Titles

excel and printing with headings and titles Excel – Printing With Headings and Titles

Titles in Excel are especially handy when you are working on a very long list. Sometimes, we have a hard time printing on this program. We often bump into the problem of missing headings or titles on the other pages. Though the first page looks good, the next ones often are not. This is where the “Print Titles” option become very handy.

Print titles feature makes this problem be solved in a matter of seconds!



Management vs. Leadership – We Need More Managers!

This is a blog by regular contributor Karl Burgher. This is a blog by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

We need more managers and fewer leaders. There—I said it, contradicting all of the noise that schools, colleges, universities, trade journals and books, magazines, and talk shows have been spewing for well over a decade.

Why? Nobody wants to be a manager anymore because it is hard and not cool. And, no one likes to be managed by (mostly poor) managers—thus management has gotten a very bad stigma associated with it. In addition, so many people, it appears, think that they are an island, a thought leader.

It seems so many want to immediately be the CEO of their own startup, proven via the popularity of TV such as Shark Tank on ABC (


Volunteering –What about the Money? Part 4: Grant Writing

Volunteering This is an article by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

As you know from the first series of posts on money—Complexity, Events and Sales, and Philanthropy, fundraising is difficult.. It is a hard task on a good day. Today we will talk about grant (and contracts) writing, a task that needs to be assigned to the most detailed of people in your organization. As always, you can find a more in-depth and action-based discussion on this topic in our free eBook, Volunteering.

The Resources – Foundations and governments award billions of dollars in grants and contracts each year. These cover a wide spectrum of causes, from housing and urban development, security, and feeding the poor around the world to a variety of research endeavors and educational efforts. There may be a granting agency or foundation that pays for the bulk of your organization’s activities. Thus, the first thing you should do as a new volunteer is to read your annual report. This will help you better learn where your sources of funds are derived from to better serve the people and activities with which your organization aligns. Volunteer managers, you, too, need to read the annual reports and any other summary reports that may have been written for your particular sponsors. You all need to know better who your sponsors are and how their funds are spent. Follow the money and you will follow the dependencies, relationships, and your products. (more…)

Volunteering –What about the Money? Part 3: Philanthropy

Volunteering This is an article by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

As discussed in the first couple of posts on money—Complexity and Events and Sales—we spoke about the difficulties of fundraising. It is a hard task on a good day. Today we will focus on philanthropy, perhaps by far the most difficult way to secure those elusive funds your organization requires. You may also want to download the free eBook Volunteering for a more in-depth and action-based discussion of these issues.

Wikipedia describes philanthropy thus:

“Today philanthropy is conventionally defined as private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life … serving to contrast philanthropy with business (private initiatives for private good, focusing on material prosperity) and government (public initiatives for public good, focusing on law and order). Instances of philanthropy commonly overlap with instances of charity, though not all charity is philanthropy, or vice versa. The difference commonly cited is that charity relieves the pains of social problems, whereas philanthropy attempts to solve those problems at their root causes, [And building thus, capacity in the cause one serves], a person who practices philanthropy is called a philanthropist”. (more…)

Volunteering – What about the Money? Part 2: Events and Sales

Volunteering This is a blog article by regular contributor Karl Burgher.

In our first post on money – Complexity – we spoke about the difficulties of fundraising. As we learned, fundraising is a hard task on a good day. Today’s blog will address events and sales. Please see the free eBook Volunteering for a more in-depth discussion.

Some organizations survive solely on events and sales. A very well-organized event or sale can bring great attention to your purpose and publicity that is hard to buy. Events and sales can also raise you the unrestricted funds your organization desperately needs. Events can be of many sizes and flavors: the one that supports you all year long or the event that gives you just enough of the resources you need to provide the flexibility in your budget to cover items no one else wants to pay for. Examine the portfolio of events and sales your organization undertakes to better understand the bottom line and the good will they provide. (more…)

Useful project management templates for managers

Find more templates in this eBook!

Project management requires a lot of planning and to make things easier we have collected a few templates that will be helpful to project managers. The templates are used within the Standard CAM2P™ Model and can be customised to the industry or organisation and adapted to a business line, division, or project classification.

The first template is “The idea statement” which contains general information as well as details of your project. The next paragraph will talk you through the template.


4 project management methods

What is your PM approach? Download the PMBOK® handbook!

Many project are related or based around IT and this has reflected on project management methods. In many cases it is actually the changes in available technology that drive the need to change organisational processes. This has led to a merging of IT working practices into that of general management including the use of project management.
Almost every project manager has his or her preferred project management method. This article will introduce you to the four most commonly used methodologies for project management.