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12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we have discussed how different kinds of preparations, technology, last second changes and putting internet or external links can easily ruin your presentation. Problems that relate to these simple aspects may arise and may possibly turn all your efforts into a complete nightmare, especially if you were not able to consider them beforehand. There are many instances where momentum fades after a speaker experience minor disruption associated with these factors. Solution? Always be prepared for these “disasters”. Make sure you always have a back-up plan because no matter how prepared you are, catastrophe may still kick in.  (more…)

12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 1

Nowadays, technological advancement can be clearly seen in all aspects of life. In most cases, in spite some negative impacts, it truly made our lives easier. From our own homes to our workplaces, progress is really noticeable. Technology also helped improve the way we present our ideas, thoughts and concepts. We are now able to transmit and relay information in just a few clicks. Through the use of different presentation programs and software, we are able to creatively communicate the things we want or need to convey.  (more…)

PowerPoint Presentations: 2 Ways to Make Them More Appealing

Spice up your PowerPoint presentation by making some transitions and animations. Spice up your PowerPoint presentation by making some transitions and animations.

PowerPoint presentations are the most common resort of people who want to express all his thoughts in either small or huge audience. It is some sort of a guide that hits two birds at the same time – the speaker and the listener. In this modern era, when a speaker comes in front, it is very usual that he has his presentation with him. Through the help of the presentation, both of the speaker and the audience are guided with what they are talking about. (more…)

Excel: Printing With Headings and Titles

excel and printing with headings and titles Excel – Printing With Headings and Titles

Titles in Excel are especially handy when you are working on a very long list. Sometimes, we have a hard time printing on this program. We often bump into the problem of missing headings or titles on the other pages. Though the first page looks good, the next ones often are not. This is where the “Print Titles” option become very handy.

Print titles feature makes this problem be solved in a matter of seconds!



8 Easy Steps on Tracking Changes in PowerPoint 2013

powerpoint 2013 tracking changes 8 steps on how to track changes in Powerpoint 2013

In using Microsoft Word, tracking changes is so easy. You will just have to click the Review Ribbon, and look for the “Track Changes” option. There, you can choose between tracking the changes or lock the tracking – an option to discourage others to turn off tracking changes using a password. In short, the system really has the specific functionality to make the tracking possible.

The story changes in Microsoft PowerPoint. It doesn’t have that specific functionality for tracking changes done on a presentation. However, it is still possible for other people to make changes on a copy of your presentation and it’s up to you whether to accept or reject the changes. How is that possible? Look at the following eight easy steps.

How to present a PowerPoint presentation online

Business Presentation on laptop Download the PowerPoint 2013 eBook here!

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint 2013 for online presentations to show to a remote audience? Read this article to find out how to prepare an online presentation.

With the advent of PowerPoint 2007 the ability to present your slideshow online to a remote audience was introduced. It has been enhanced and you can now choose from two options.


How to control your nerves during presenting

Download “Death by PowerPoint” from Patrick Forsyth here!

I’d rather die …

Butterflies in the stomach are the least of the problems for some presenters. Patrick Forsyth looks at how to control your nerves.

Most people feel some unease about presenting. It has been called creative apprehension, but it can still be worrying – after all, there may be a great deal hanging on what you do. So how do you calm your nerves?


4 steps to preparing a presentation

Become a good presenter, download the eBook here

We all come across this point at some point in our career, where we have to hold a presentation. There are different types of presentations, for example you would like to pitch your idea to a client, or present a concept to the management, or maybe you have agreed to present results of a study in front of a committee.

So let’s get started. It doesn’t matter if you are a confident speaker or not, holding a presentation becomes much easier if you set up a structure you can stick to.

How to use PowerPoint AND engage your audience

The Engaging Presenter This is a guest article by Bookboon author Michael Brown.

Audience-abuse has to stop.

The US armed forces agree. This from the highest levels in the Pentagon: “PowerPoint stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making.”  This from Brigadier General McMaster: “PowerPoint is dangerous because it creates the illusion of understanding. Some problems are not bulletizable.” This from General James N Mattis, Joint Forces commander: “PowerPoint makes us stupid”. He also likened it to an internal threat, and banned it. (more…)

How to compel your audience to listen to your every word

The Engaging Presenter Part I This is a guest article by Michael Brown.


Yes. It’s not hyperbole. You really can make the audience pay close attention and they won’t know why they’re doing it – they’ll just think you’re an interesting speaker. It’s subtle. It’s almost laughably simple. The outstanding speakers all do it, many instinctively without knowing what is really attracting their audience’s attention. (more…)