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6 quick reads for online business success

The holidays are prime time for online businesses. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and general Christmas fever rising every day, consumers are ready to spend and it’s important that digital businesses take advantage of this time. E-commerce businesses is a massive industry to attempt to break into and thrive in. But there are some key elements to take into consideration when building your digital brand. Is your online business ready for the holiday season? Get ready for those online shoppers with these six quick reads.  (more…)

Six quick reads for social media success

Social media. You’re most likely using it and if not, you should be. Especially for your business.  71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Social media is a fantastic marketing tool for creating brand awareness, going global and generating sales. The number of global social media users reached 3.196 billion in 2018. Although a massive number of us are using it, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding how to use it best.

Are hashtags still cool? Is paid advertising worth it? How do I gain followers? And what on earth does an ‘influencer’ actually do? Check out these six quick reads to social media success. (more…)

Why do Clever and Brilliant Business People Happen to Underestimate ‘Marketing’?

“Marketing” is not a substitutable word for “advertising and promotion”… “Marketing” is the holistic and integrated management of exchange… using the synergistic dynamics of product, price, distribution, promotion, processes, people and perceptual positioning to create a win/win outcome between an organisation with unique resources and segments within the market place that can be best satisfied by those unique resources. (more…)

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

We’re living in a time of fast and short-lived information. Everything is easily comparable on the Internet. Therefore, it is so important for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order create a clear picture of the business in their clients’ and potential clients’ minds. Make them believe what you want them to believe. Read this article and learn more! (more…)

7 Essential Steps to Making Customer Experience Your Competitive Advantage


In a world where “experts” are derided, “truth” has become “post-truth” and “news” has become “fake news”, how do organisations become trusted partners with their customers?  (more…)

European Bartender School launches its largest awareness campaign to date


“We Make the World Taste Better“ is the title of the European Bartender School’s latest multichannel campaign that seeks to increase the awareness of high-quality cocktail making, targeting prospective students across universities and major cities in the UK.  (more…)

5 tips for content your audience will love

Download “12 Smart Practices to Improve Marketing and Sales” here!


No matter if you are a copywriter, editor or content manager, we all face the same problem every day. How to produce content that our customers will not only like, but love and care so much about that it will be shared across all platforms.

Bookboon author Errol S. van Engelen provides solutions for this problem in his ebook “12 Smart Practices to Improve Marketing and Sales”. The ebook offers helpful advice on everyday content marketing issues for people working in marketing or sales.

This is how you get your customers attention.

The Rise of Visual Social Media

The Rise of Visual Social Media

Karen Webber, head of Marketing Communications at Axonn Media, the UK’s leading content marketing agency, has been noticing changes in content marketing and how users have become more and more used to creative visuals and social media. Take a look at what she has to say.

Audiences have never been as information-hungry as they are today, but competition for their attention online is rife. Our research found nearly nine in ten businesses market with content, and firms need to provide value in order to stand out. Increasingly, this means including great, creative visuals, such as infographics and videos, into content strategies.

The big game-changer in recent years has been social media – and three major players drive the demand for visual content: Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.


What are the main challenges and changes in marketing? Andrew Whalley explains!

This interview was conducted with Andrew Whalley, the author of the free eBook "Strategic Marketing" This interview was conducted with Andrew Whalley, the author of the free eBook “Strategic Marketing”

In your textbook “Strategic Marketing” you describe classic marketing instruments and methods. What would you say is the main element that has changed in how marketing is approached in the past 10 years? 

I think the biggest change to how marketing is approached in the last ten years is the continued evolution of branding as a central tenet to strategy, specifically the realisation that customers can now talk with each other very easily using a variety of digital platforms and as such they co-create value with the narratives they share between each other alongside the narratives created by the brand owners.

This places much more emphasis on an understanding of customers’ needs and on the speed with which brands need to react to them and their comments, it also allows for the development of new products to be cooperative – the use of crowd sourcing for development, for flash mobs in marketing communications etc. are good examples on the way this is trending. (more…)

The ultimate do-it-yourself SEO tips

This article is based on the free eBook "SEO – From Beginner to Boffin" This article is based on the free eBook “SEO – From Beginner to Boffin”

Search Engine Optimisation is, to put it into simple and rational words, a systematic series of processes that will result in the website moving up the search engines until it can move no more. The good news is that you can perform many if not all SEO practices yourself. In this article internet marketing expert Brian Bentley BSc (Hons) reveals some useful do-it-yourself SEO tips. (more…)