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Allowing Your Brain to Play

More and more companies are encouraging their employees to enhance more creativity in the workplace.  Many people believe that artists, writers etc. are creative, which is not true. Everyone has creative potential and is able to turn their ideas into reality. It is solely up to the person to release their creativity. This article offers some help. (more…)

How to Be More Innovative and Creative at Work

What does it mean to be creative? Creative people are able to perceive the world in a different way and to uncover what was previously hidden. They’re willing to take risks and go through discomfort in order to turn innovative and improving ideas into reality. But how are you going to become this kind of person? This article will help you to implement more creativity in your workplace.     (more…)

Soft Skill Creativity: An Underrated Skill?

How does creativity manifest itself in the work environment? How does creativity manifest itself in the work environment?

When we think of creativity, we tend to think of people exploring their artistic side through music, art and writing. When we think about creativity as a job skill, we tend only to consider jobs in the creative industries such as art & design and promotion. Yet we all use creativity every day, and it’s become a vitally important tool in our arsenal of soft skills. Now, there is a comprehensive way that you can develop your employees’ soft skills such as creativity.  (more…)

A Press Release isn’t a Selfie

The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press This is a guest post by Bookboon author Peter Rose.

There are now so many outlets greedy for press information that it should be easier than ever to generate publicity with press releases.

The digital revolution has undoubtedly transformed the PR landscape, with a higher volume of PR press material now produced for on-line rather that Print publications. Media-savvy people and companies have cottoned on to this fact and are churning out a steady stream of material to satisfy the demand.

If your Press Releases are not among those that get picked up regularly, if they seem to get ignored more often than they get published, the temptation might be to try to jazz them up, to make them more on trend; to turn them into the written equivalent of a Selfie, in other words. (more…)

Give Yourself a Boost – Part 4

This is an article by Midgie Thompson. This is an article by Midgie Thompson.

We can all benefit from a boost of confidence from time to time, regardless of how much confidence we normally have in our lives. Even though we may usually feel quite confident in many aspects of our lives; setbacks, stressful events and negative feedback can have an impact whereby we may feel less than our usual confident selves. Therefore, developing stronger emotional resilience will help you be able to confidently deal with whatever happens in life.

People who have the ability to bounce back and to keep on going, regardless of what happens, have developed strong enough confidence levels and have strategies to deal with things. To help you develop more emotional resilience, that bounce-back-ability, use a technique called re-framing. Reframing is looking at a situation from a different, more positive, perspective. (more…)

Everyone needs mentoring – yes, even you!

Read Ella's eBook: Solution Focused Mentoring Read Ella’s eBook: Solution Focused Mentoring

The best feeling in the world is too see mentees shine thanks to their mentors.


Everyone needs a mentor at one point in his or her life. Whether you are a business partner (junior or senior), a musician (up and coming or “oldie”), fighting an illness (from “mild” to very serious) or in school (student, teacher, principal), you could benefit from a mentor, or maybe you already have! (more…)

Give Yourself a Boost – Part 3

Read Midgie Thompson's eBook Soar with Confidence on Read Midgie Thompson’s eBook Soar with Confidence on

As the months are flying by it seems like it was only yesterday that it was the beginning of the year and many people were taking time to set their goals. See Give Yourself a Boost – part 2 for more details about effective goal setting.

As the months have progressed, some people are progressing well and are on track to achieving their goals whereas others may not be doing so well. How are you doing? Are you continuing to take action or have things stalled, slowed down or all together stopped? (more…)

“How to”: a simple lateral thinking technique

Creativity at Work This is an article by regular contributor Alan Barker.

“How to” is the simplest creative technique I know. Here’s how you use it.

State the problem as a phrase beginning with the words “How to”.

That’s it. No other rules apply.   (more…)

How to make your press release stand out

This article is written by regular contributor Peter Rose.

In an era of 24/7 rolling news coverage and always-on social media, it’s difficult to get press releases noticed: To make them distinctive enough for people to want to read them.

So it’s puzzling that so many PR people create press releases that look and read just like everybody else’s. People who wouldn’t be seen dead in any kind of uniform morph into avid conformists once they connect to their keyboards. The worst culprits are those PR people who write for large businesses and official organisations; filling their stories with hackneyed words and phrases that make their writing formulaic and leaden. (more…)

So what is lateral thinking, anyway?

Creativity at Work This article is written by Bookboon author Alan Barker.

We’ve all heard of it.  It’s even found its way into the Oxford English Dictionary.  But what is lateral thinking, exactly?

What thinking isn’t

We can answer that question – exactly.  But, before we do so, let’s dispel a few myths about thinking.  (more…)