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How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

We’re living in a time of fast and short-lived information. Everything is easily comparable on the Internet. Therefore, it is so important for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order create a clear picture of the business in their clients’ and potential clients’ minds. Make them believe what you want them to believe. Read this article and learn more! (more…)

Dress for Success

Fine feathers make fine birds. The way you’re dressed is the first impression people get from you.  Being over- or underdressed can make situations feel weird and uncomfortable, which is something you should avoid while being in a sales -meeting. There is no second chance for a first impression, that’s why you want to make the right decisions when it comes to your outfit. Learn more by reading this article. (more…)

7 Essential Steps to Making Customer Experience Your Competitive Advantage


In a world where “experts” are derided, “truth” has become “post-truth” and “news” has become “fake news”, how do organisations become trusted partners with their customers?  (more…)

6 steps to great leadership

50 Ways to lead your sales team interviewed author Michael Schofield

Bookboon author Michael Schofield, the expert behind 50 Ways to lead your sales team, gives us a closer look into his eBook, and answers questions about leadership and management. Have a look!

1. You mention 3 zones a worker can find themselves in: comfort, stretch or panic zone. How would you suggest an employee who is in their “comfort” zone evolve to their “stretch” zone?  (more…)

10 indicators of poor Leadership

50 Ways to lead your sales team This article has been written by Michael Schofield, author of 50 Ways to lead your sales team

People leave their boss not their jobs. Research in the UK and USA has shown that the number one reason a majority of people leave their jobs is the relationship they have with their line manager, who creates an environment which they don’t enjoy, where they don’t feel they are treated fairly and aren’t able to give of their best.

There are a number of examples of poor leadership techniques which contribute to the breakdown in relationship between management and staff, here are 10 of the most common:  (more…)

Consumer psychology: Why do you end up buying the products you buy?

This article is based on the free eBook This article is based on the free eBook “Buzz or Zap? – Consumer psychology for the 21st century”

Everyday, you and millions of other potential consumers make thousands of decisions. You are not consciously aware of most of the decisions you make, but you make most of them the same way, by reflecting on the drawbacks involved, and then picking that course of action with the fewest drawbacks (or the least painful ones).

Herbert Simon, a Nobel Prize winning economist, referred to this as “satisficing.” Instead of optimizing satisfaction, and choosing an outstanding product in terms of its aspects in one particular area, we compromise on the best so that we do not get the worst in some other aspect. We don’t settle for the best in one area, but the least bad in all areas. This article provides you with useful information on how customers make their decisions. Take a look! (more…)

The key sales skills of the modern sales professional

This article is written by the author of the free eBook This article is written by the author of the free eBook “Handling Objections in Sales”

The global situation we face means that literally everything has changed in the last few years. Change is the only constant, and businesses who have fallen by the wayside lay as epitaphs to the inability of many organisations to recognise how they have to adapt to the real world of today and the future.

The sales profession is no different. If you are still using techniques that were designed, developed or conceived more than five years ago, then prepare for some sobering news; the buyer who bought from you when you used those tactics five years ago doesn’t exist anymore!

The modern sales professional needs to be aware of how today’s changes are affecting the way their buyers buy. If you’re not ahead of the game when it comes to how technology is driving the sales processes of the future, you’ll be floundering on the beach of poverty, scraping a living from the fossils of yesterday’s crumbs from so-called loyal customers.

So, what are the sales skills you need to thrive, not just today, but long into the future? (more…)

Who else wants to become better at negotiating?

This article is based on the free eBook “Negotiating Sales”

No matter whether in marketing, sales or a completely different field, you will have to face objections in your professional life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some tactics at hand on how to respond to these objections? In this article we will look at some techniques that you can put in your ‘overcoming objections toolbox.’ It is written from the perspective of a salesperson but is also useful for any other profession. Just continue reading and see for yourself. (more…)

Achieving the perfect phone technique

Telesales This article is based on the free eBook “Telesales”

Do you sometimes wonder what being good on the phone is all about? It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? You have to learn how to work your voice. Understanding the overwhelming importance of the tone of voice during a phone call is the first step towards a successful and convincing conversation on the phone. This is why this article takes a closer look at your voice as an important instrument – no matter whether during a business or private call. (more…)

Tips for a successful phone call: the opening line

This article is based on the free eBook This article is based on the free eBook “telesales”

Are you one of many who are put off by hearing the phrase “cold calling”? No matter whether you are calling someone for private or business purposes it is always helpful to know how to start a conversation on the phone. This is why we’ve collected a few facts and phrases that can help you start a call effectively – from a salesperson’s perspective. Take a look!

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression

Your first contact with your prospect is of tremendous importance, as it leaves the customer with a first impression of you. As you might know, you never get a second chance to leave a good first impression. First impressions are important because, in the first few seconds of a conversation, people decide whether they rather like or they dislike the person they are talking to. Since people usually do business with people they like, it is important to be liked by your prospect in order to increase your chances to have his commitment at the end of the call.