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5 Practices to ensure you’re using the right body language

Body language is a nonverbal flow of communication that is constant and ever present. Without saying a word your body language can reveal what you are thinking and feeling. Learn more about it by reading this article. (more…)

Effective Communication with Conscious Body Language

Conscious body language This is a guest article by Kurt Larsson.

Even with the explosion of information and communication channels available today, the pace of life has accelerated to where you probably feel that getting someone to stop, listen and and pay attention has become a real communication challenge. (more…)

Body language: What your body is trying to tell you

Download "Conscious body language" here! Balance is the key to life. Start listening to your body again.

Did you feel stressed this morning? Are you nervous about an upcoming exam or business meeting? And what about yesterday? Are you dreading to go to university or work almost every morning? Has life become too stressful?

Instead of ignoring the signs our body gives us, we should try to listen again, says Bookboon author Kurt Larsson in his ebook “Conscious body language”. Many of us compensate the emptiness in their lives with working long hours instead of going home and finding out what is missing. The answer is already there, we just need to stand still for a moment and listen.


Do you know the language of your face?

This article is based on the eBook "Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership" This article is based on the eBook “Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership”

Many social and behavioural scientists and communication experts accept the idea that, as mammals, we humans do transmit and receive non-verbal messages. The underlying basis of this position is that if properly trained we can be able to decipher received body language messages. The validity and the reliability of this theory have not been properly established and tested but the idea is still worth thinking about in more detail. In this article, Dr Georgios P. Piperopoulos, professor of communications and public relations will analyse the use of ‘non-verbal communication’ among humans by focusing on our face. Don’t miss this. (more…)

4 handy tips for great teachers and presenters

This article is based on the free eBook This article is based on the free eBook “NLP – Skills for Learning”

Truly impactful communication takes place when you are delivering the same message with all of your communication systems – your words, your voice, your eyes, your hands, your breathing, your body posture, your movement and every thought that you have.

You can spend a lot of time trying to remember all of these different activities, or you can do it the easy way. In the following lines Peter Freeth will give you a few handy tips that you can put into practice when aiming at really reaching your audience. (more…)

Positive Body Language Can Help Your Career

Career Secrets Exposed
This article is based on the free eBook "Career Secrets Exposed"

You might have been a good student back in college, but your boss might think differently about you today.  Your work ethic is good – you’re consistent and creative, but your boss doesn’t share the same sentiments… and this might all be because of your body language. Body language is very integral in building or destroying your career.

If you are currently completing an internship or you have a new job, employers tend to look for small details when evaluating the effectiveness of your performance, and this includes body language.


Public speaking – From body language to the power of pause

Successful Public Speaking This article is based on the free ebook “Successful Public Speaking”

Given the choice, many of us would prefer to submit a written report rather than get up and convey the same information orally. And it is not only fear of public speaking that holds us back. The written language holds many advantages. Written words can be chosen with greater deliberation and care. Written arguments can be expressed in a sophisticated, complex and lengthy manner and the readers have the option of taking in the text at a pace that is comfortable for them and even re-reading it if they choose to do so.

On the other hand, verbal communication can be significantly more effective in expressing the meaning of the message to the audience. The speaker has an opportunity to use other means of communication that written language does not allow. Let us take a look at some of the means of communication available to speakers. (more…)

Become a master at reading non-verbal signals

This article is based on the free eBook “Essential Communication Secrets”

It is difficult to enter into a meaningful relationship with someone without first building a rapport. This depends, however, on the culture of the characters we are talking about. Americans will want to ‘get down to business’ within 10 minutes of meeting with you without appreciating the necessity to establish any rapport. In the UAE, it is customary to establish a relationship before entering into any business and this could take weeks or even months.


Emulating the body language of others

It helps to build rapport early in the relationship, if you use the natural human tendency to emulate the body language of others. When people want to develop a good working relationship, they unconsciously match the non-verbal behaviour and in particular the body language of the other person. Conversely, if someone is mirroring your non-verbal behaviour, you subconsciously view this as a positive sign. (more…)

The importance of small talk

Networking This article is based on the free eBook “Networking”

Small talk is more important than you might think. We award it a low status, but make use of it every day. It is the foundation of many people’s everyday welfare, both in private life and in their careers. We often fail to realize that we are using small talk when we create a good atmosphere at the start of a meeting by asking a colleague if the morning traffic was slow, or when we ask a colleague about his health, or smile at the checkout operator in the local supermarket.

Small talk is a technique of talking, a way to make contact with people, and the glue that creates and maintains contact with friends, colleagues, and business partners. (more…)

Essential Communication Secrets

“You cannot not communicate”. This axiom by Paul Watzlawick proves once more how important communication skills are. Everything we say or do not say sends out a message. But how can we be sure we are sending out the right message? Our authors can help you figure out which are the right words to use, the right way to dress or which body language is appropriate.


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